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· 08/10/2020 8:46 PM
Had to make myself another cup of coffee to get through it.

· 08/10/2020 7:33 PM
I went into withdrawal for a bit. Now .. all is good. roar

· 08/10/2020 7:26 PM
Yeah Jack I think so, I couldn't access for a bit

· 08/10/2020 6:51 PM
Did we lose the site for a while?

· 08/06/2020 3:33 PM
Allenb, how are you doing?

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Assessing Roast Level - Glass or Steel?
As I finish up my design for my new roaster i need to nail down one last detail about controlling the roast process, or at least observing it. I have two options for the RC. I have a 1 gallon glass carboy that I cut the bottom off essentially leaving me with a glass RC that can easily hold 1kg of beans with room for fluidity. The only issue with this application is how to connect it with the steel tube used for air/heat flow.

My other option is to not use the glass, but just use the steel tube as the roast chamber. With this option, how would I measure the roast level as I can't see the color changes in the beans, nor will I be able to hear FC or SC because of the salamander heater and vacuum motor blasting.

Thoughts? I think three things are necessary for fluid-bed roasting:
1) Ability to hear 'cracks'.
2) All or partial glass RC for sight.
3) Bean mass temperature.

I have all three, but I don't always use the BMT probe. Sight and sound are very important...
oldgearhead attached the following image:

No oil on my beans...
I originally was going to go with the glass for just those reasons so I'm not sure why I thought ditching it would be beneficial at all. How has everyone managed the noise from motors, blowers, and heaters, in order to be able to hear the audible roast process signs?
I used lots of this:
oldgearhead attached the following image:

No oil on my beans...
I use a thermocouple probe in what would be the densest part of bean mass out of the direct path of airflow. I have a spouting bed design. No glass, all stainless chamber. I roast strictly by time/bean mass temp.

"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." ~Abraham Lincoln
I use all three as well, I measure my temp with IR.

I find that the first crack / temperature is nice to check to make sure they are agreeing with each other, I find the colour had to pick accurately when in the glass roasting chamber so prefer to go by temperature for the end point.

Same here. I use all three but find the visual the least useful.


greencardigan wrote:

Same here. I use all three but find the visual the least useful.

Well visual may be your least useful, but I cannot image roasting without
it. For me, a big part of the roasting enjoyment is the entire sensory experience: hearing, smell, and sight. Observing yellowing, graying, spotting, puffing, smoothing, and browning is another reason why I bother to roast coffee. ..
No oil on my beans...
I use good 'ol grill thermometers.
I take inlet temp (as burner temp), Exhaust temp (as BT) Bean Mass Temp (as lower RC enviromental)

..With the understanding that they are all purely enviromental readings, the changing disparity between them
indicates roasting conditions.

I hear no cracks...I see no beans. I left one pin-hole at the base of the RC that allows a bit of smoke and smell to weep out.

what is the glass RC you are using? Pre-fab or a custom job?


CharcoalRoaster wrote:


what is the glass RC you are using? Pre-fab or a custom job?

Its just a Corning Bake-A-Round bread tube 3.5" dia x 21". Not big enough for more than about 575 grams..
No oil on my beans...
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