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View Thread » BUILDING A ROASTER » Fluidbed Roaster
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My 1kg Electric Air Roaster build
Not sure. I will spend time getting the heating elements and heat chamber better this time and go from there.

I've decided I want to try electric again before I turn to gas.

Will2 wrote:

greencardigan wrote:

... I am seriously considering scrapping the BM and building another 3/4 kg (1.5 pound) electric air roaster. Many advantages but a few disadvantages. More controllable, better mixing, easy cooling, lees chaff mess with chaff collector, no need handle hot parts with gloves. Downsides are less efficient (will need approx 3.5 - 4 KW of heating) and more expensive.

You probably write exactly about this:

If the shipping costs were not so high, I would have sent it to you.
And if you have a weak electricity supply then I have a friend of an electrician in Woollahra.

greencardigan wrote:

That looks fantastic!

Here's my lame version.

And yes, I would have to get a 15A 240V circuit installed sometime.

On youtube I posted some of my videos.
Many of you have already seen them.
I focused mainly on showing the deficiencies of some of my constructions, I have corrected these shortcomings later.
Their sense was not to show how well it works, but what needs to be improved.
I hope it was so understood because I added a short explanation to the video.

My philosophy is a bit different than the OGH roaster, I think we have the same opinion with Brad. That's why I do not even create my own thread.
Now it's 5 years since I bought my first TC4 and thanks to Brad I use aArtisanQ_PID.
Previously, I used manual control and Artisan on PC.
I have not enough patience to write extensive contributions, not the ability to write in this language.

But I think it will not be a big problem to fix Brad's lame roaster, I'd like to help and try it out beforehand.
And perhaps also make further bigger.
Edited by Will2 on 11-11-2017 09:44
Nothing is resistant to improper handling.
To TC4 I connected a smaller roaster 80/70mm, electric cord to the heating I forgot to replace.
There is not much to guess what happened.
Now I can take pictures of how to make a new heater 240V/4kW.
Will2 attached the following image:

I had some time, so I changed the heaters in both roasters.
There are more photos, so I'll continue step by step. In both roasters were used 4kw / 240V heaters, vacuum cleaner engines are 500 and 700W.
Can you imagine how I roasted 150g of coffee with 4kw heat element?
Photos as the heaters were removed from roasters:
Will2 attached the following images:
img_20171128_152341.jpg img_20171128_151757.jpg img_20171128_151621.jpg img_20171128_151546.jpg img_20171128_150105.jpg img_20171128_145923.jpg img_20171128_145840.jpg img_20171128_135858.jpg img_20171128_132939.jpg img_20171128_132712.jpg

It is useful to find a heat gun with a suitable ceramic heating element for the reconstruction.
We analyze the element and remove the original wire 0.5mm.

P.S. pictures are always displayed in the reverse order.
Will2 attached the following images:
img_20171203_183459.jpg img_20171127_151638.jpg img_20171127_151723.jpg img_20171127_151212.jpg img_20171113_145122.jpg img_20171113_144017.jpg img_20171113_143922.jpg img_20171113_143904.jpg

After removing the original coils we will make new coils of Kanthal wire 0.7mm.
Edited by Will2 on 12-03-2017 08:31
P: S: I have uploaded 10 photos, none can be seen.
P: S: now one by one, order mixed.
Will2 attached the following images:
img_20171127_160610_2.jpg img_20171127_151958_2.jpg img_20171113_145122_1.jpg img_20171127_123907_2.jpg img_20171127_161834_1.jpg img_20171127_162009_2.jpg img_20171127_162305_2.jpg img_20171127_172252_2.jpg img_20171127_173110.jpg img_20171127_190925_2.jpg

Edited by Will2 on 12-03-2017 08:54
Finally mount the new elements back.
That is all.
Will2 attached the following images:
img_20171130_154853.jpg img_20171130_154912.jpg img_20171130_181728.jpg

I thought you were going to use to host your photos.

KKTO Roaster.
Yes, but so it was on many pages, now it's smaller,
this photo could not be displayed:

I still see that in the photo img_20171113_145122_1.jpg is the original coil 0.5mm.
The right picture is:
Edited by Will2 on 12-03-2017 10:15
Both pictures are correct, the first one is for disassembly.

2 pictures and as much space.
(on HRO but less)
Can you set the thumbnail size ?

Large thumbnail on imgur:

Small Thumbnail
Edited by JackH on 12-03-2017 11:28

KKTO Roaster.
I think does not allow it.
You put it in?:

I see that yes.
Imgur allows you to select the size of the thumbnail view:

I attached the image as usual, but right-clicked it to get the image location on the Homeroasters forum and used it to display and place the image.

A trick Greencardigan showed me.
JackH attached the following image:

Edited by JackH on 12-04-2017 08:41

KKTO Roaster.
I have these heating elements I will offer to the group
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