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Maui Mokka
In the cup today? Maui Mokka.

Last Saturday, one of the coffees on the Hawaiian Throw-Down was a sample from a farmer, the Maui Mokka. Cupping notes follow from 9 of us. Discussion post-cupping was the best.

Process: - Dry Process
Roaster: - Dave, B|Java
Days Rest? - 4
Method: - Gene Cafe
Level: City Plus
Any Roaster Observations/Comments: Wonderful fragrance as bean clipped along in unison. Lentil sized beans.

Comments (presented in a Yama vacpot):

1. Dry fragrance/wet aroma ? Spice rack. Aroma: Fruity, lemon, coconut, nutmeg, ginger, floral, cinnamon. Everyone pulled something out of the aroma.

2. Brightness/acidity ? Medium brightness.

3. Flavor/depth ? Complex cup. Plum bomb. More complex yet, cooked plums. Apricot skin. Loses plum as it cools and bends toward lemon. Very light maple syrup. Lime sneaks in. Bit of chocolate

4. Body/mouthfeel ? Light to light medium cup at this roast level

5. Finish/aftertaste ? Sweet, lingers a bit.

We had a fascinating discussion about this coffee. Some felt we needed to work too hard to scrum for the flavors. Others delighted in the hunt. Our scores reflected a difference in opinion on how pronounced and clear those flavors should be to score well. Accordingly, our scores varied along those lines ? from 85 to 87.

Additionally, when someone noted a flavor or nuance in the taste, I would then "cup after" it and by golly, I would see what they meant. I found the cupping of the Mokka a very engaging discussion and experience, with a reminder of how much I still have to learn.

Thumbs: 7 up, 2 sideways

Cupping Score: 86.5

More on the bean follows here: http://www.kaanapalicoffeefarms.com/c...apali.html
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Dave Borton
Milwaukee, WI
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