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What else I do
On the road this weekend, thought I would share a big part of what we do.

Hey, Opus! I thought Old-tyme Gospel was decapitated north of the Nebraska line?!? Accounted For would be a hit in Branson, MO.

As it so hapens, my other other hobby is Christian music/songwiting. I confess my personal taste in music style is rock and modern rock - please keep singing that Truth everywhere you go! Glad to know there are fellow believing "aliens" here in cyberspace.

Blessings and Merry Christmas,
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Hey Chad,

Right on!! We have entertained a Branson trip...not sure yet. We just got back from VT, NY and MA. Had a date today, long drive, snow, snow, snow. Just planning a trip to Indiana soon as well.

Keep at it!
Hey Chad and Opus! Nice to hear about your musical interests and the path you're following. My mid-life crisis was quiting my secular job and going to Duke Divinity School to earn an MDiv with the intent of going into ministry. I finished my MDiv in 2005, the same year I took up coffee roasting and sailing. Both hobbies are spiritual in my somewhat biased opinion. Grin

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