September 20, 2018 18:45:36


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09-19-2018 10:10
welcome2 Tyrone

09-18-2018 01:10
Welcome Ermi

09-18-2018 00:28
Morning John thanks for lending a hand with pandiani’s gc roasting! Shoot us some details on the hue hue.

Koffee Kosmo
09-17-2018 14:57
All good John - I’m supposed to be slowing down but it’s the opposite Just getting busier rockon

09-17-2018 02:59
Welcome RevJim

John Despres
09-17-2018 01:58
I'll try, KK. You good? All's well?

Koffee Kosmo
09-16-2018 15:53
GDay - Johnny Be Good BBQ grill

John Despres
09-14-2018 04:25
Good morning! Popped in to help Pandiani with his GC roasts. Let's see what I remember... Happy roasting weekend everybody. Some sweet Hue Hue in my cup this morning.

09-14-2018 04:20
Nyeri was as good as usual. I think I have a couple of pounds left. Eth Yirg Nat Idido this morning. I will know more after it rests more.

09-11-2018 07:59
welcome2 Arphachshad

09-08-2018 15:54
Hi Ken. Let us know how the Nyeri turned out.

09-06-2018 13:09
Donated again.... Thanks for all the days with awesome coffee... I roasted Kenya Nyeri Katogoto this morning.

09-06-2018 05:33

09-05-2018 07:43
Bryan S Welcome

09-04-2018 23:27