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· 07/04/2020 10:27 AM
Happy 4th of July! jazzyhands

· 06/24/2020 7:58 AM
@Mark McCornack, Please post your question in the forum.

Mark McCornack
· 06/15/2020 9:28 PM
Hi! Looking for a legacy inlet temp sensor on 13 yr old Gene Cafe. It seems they've changed it and now you need new mother board and new sensor. Any ideas where I can find compatibile old one? Mark

· 06/09/2020 6:39 PM
Wich thermometers Can i buy for my roasting machine compatible with usb or macbook?

· 06/05/2020 5:38 PM
peveleth, It is better if you start a post in the forum with your question. These shouts go away in time.

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TC4+ Arduino coffee roaster shield (TC4-compatible)


mtbizzle wrote:

I have the popper disassembled, intending to try to measure voltage and amperage of the fan for making a call on a fan PSU, based on what you said I guess I shouldn't do so.

I know in your guide, you say,


I measured the resistance of the motor and both heating coils

If I should do this, v.s. going with the '18v' sticker to use my 19v7.1 PSU, can someone point me to where I would put the multimeter red/blk to measure this? I also don't know how to use this ohms measurement to calculate the values I'm looking for.


mg512 wrote:
... you need to overspec the power supply anyway, as start-up current is much higher, and not as easily measured. Bottom line, get a 5A PSU, and most likely it will be fine....

... if you end up driving the primary heating coil directly from mains as in the guide, that will also significantly up the wattage it draws! ...This too is something I wouldn't worry about

I have a 19v 7.1a laptop charger that I am hoping to use for this purpose, but of course only if it is appropriate. The unit just attached to the diodes in the picture above (fan & motor to my understanding) has a sticker '18v'.

So 19v would be a slight overvoltage but indications seem to be that won't be a problem.

What about amps? 7.1a. Just want to be sure, mains electrical and all.

Once I settle this PSU matter, will be moving forward with the build Grin

I think 7A is most likely plenty.
Sorry I'm late to the discussion. Just wanted to add my thoughts on the remote computer options.

My current controller uses a Raspberry Pi running Artisan and connected via USB to the Arduino/TC4. The Raspberry Pi sits inside my control box.

I thought about adding a 8" touch screen on the front of my control box but ended up using the VNC remote access software. So using VNC I essentially have a remote screen for the raspberry pi. I usually use my phone as the screen but sometimes a tablet.
I just came across this thread over at Home Barista, discussing an issue with a PID arduino sketch that they seem to have fixed.

"Inconsistent power scaling"

I know in MG512's guide, he indicates either of two arduino sketches can be used. Does anyone know if either of those exhibits this issue, or if one/both don't have this problem?
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How is this related to TC4 ?
The hardware and software in his post is completely different than TC4, the only common point being Arduino, which means nothing. Arduino just execute what the program tell him to do, based on external inputs. Garbage in, garbage out.

The issue I don't think it's due to PID, the power jump (in green) is too small to led to so dramatic jump in ET, could be anything else, like an airflow issue.
Even the PID term is confusing for many... there isn't only one and unique PID approach.

Not the last, using MAX6675 for temperature measurement is totally inappropriate for such demanding task.
Edited by renatoa on 06/07/2020 2:13 AM
I concur, it looks like they are using a completely different sketch, and different hardware. Most likely this doesn't apply to aArtisan nor aArtisanQ_PID.
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