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· 08/03/2020 11:26 AM
There is (or was? Grin ) a gesha at sweet marias...

· 07/25/2020 12:31 PM
I ran out of Ethiopian Gesha.

· 07/25/2020 12:31 PM
it is ok. I do not remember. I think it was a callout to the spam shout.

· 07/24/2020 3:52 PM
Sorry Ken, I deleted your shout by mistake. Lots of shoutbox spam attacks lately.

· 07/04/2020 10:27 AM
Happy 4th of July! jazzyhands

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What is your favorite bean/blend/region and how do you roast it?
What is your favorite bean/blend for home roasting and how do you like to prepare it (espresso, press drip etc.)? What roast level do you prefer for it and why?

I have always loved Mexican Oaxaca coffees most often taken to a City roast level. I find them excellent in my press and they also make darn good straight shots of espresso. I tend to favor Central/South American coffees. You?
Tim Eggers

[]Tim's Coffee Pages CLICK HERE[/url]
The coffees I've roasted the most are Liquid Amber, 100 pounds, and Puro Scuro, 40 pounds, both from S-M. I take both of them through Full City, more or less. I go through about a pound a week.
i like to do my own espresso blending. i'll do 40-50% DP Brazil for the base, 12.5 to 15% Monsooned Malabar and 12.5 to 15% Sumatra (preferably DP) for low notes, and for high notes my fav so far has been 12.5 to 15% DP Sidamo and 12.5 to 15% Idido Misty Valley (also DP). Lots of DP coffee in the blend = LOTS of crema.
Edited by stereoplegic on 06/24/2007 9:24 AM
My two favs are both blends from Sweet Maria’s. Moka Kadir (aka Red Sea blend I think), I usually go FC+. The other is Puro Scuro I take that one to Vienna. I mainly drink drip coffee.

I try lots of single origin coffees and enjoy them but those two I always come back to, they are consistent and I just love em both. Will have to try my hand at some of the blends I see talked about here too!
I really like to try just about everything and in general, drip brew with Swissgold filter. Espresso, vac pot, pour over, french press, etc get used on occasion.

To date, my all-time favorite bean has been the Guatemala "Blue Quetzal" Bourbon from Sweet Maria's. It was roasted to Full City (no second crack) in a Gene Cafe. I have only 4 pounds of it left in my private stash.

This is what I got from the cup:
WOW! 5 days rest and the flavors are even more balanced and the aroma is an explosion of potpourri with a soft, yet alluring and enticing scent of cinnamon, then rose; just like when you sink your nose deep into a Tea Rose and the aroma is almost pungent at first, but then becomes so soft and beautiful. There is chocolate (almost sweet), raisin sweetness with concord grape and the clove has become more subtle and balanced with the rest of the cup. At first it is a very "wet" mouthfeel and finishes with an almost drying effect. The taste is awesome, but one can almost be satisfied just drinking in the aromas; nose in cup, breathe deeply and your eyes may roll back in your head whilst the aroma relaxes every muscle in your body from pure satisfaction. You may want to make sure you leave the cup on the table so it does not fall out of your hands.

A very close second is the Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley taken to a Cinnamon / City Roast; just finishing 1st crack but doesn't have to. The fantastically brilliant Meyer Lemon was inspiring! Of this, I have only 1 pound left. s:6

Once upon a time, there was the Kenya AA Auction Lot 438 - Hiriga roasted to City+ (after 1st crack, just when the aroma sharpens) that made me think of sitting on a Veranda overlooking a valley; excellent.

Beyond those, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Java's, Timor Maubesse, Brazil FTO DP Poco Fundo, Brazil Screen Dried Moreninha Formosa, Mexico Organic Nayarit Terruno, Mexico Oaxaca Pluma - Don Eduardo, Bolivia FTO SHG EP Caranavi (Elegant) ...

Edited by EddieDove on 06/27/2007 9:06 PM

Eddie Dove

The South Coast Coffee Roaster
vita non est vivere sed valere vita est
Home Coffee Roasting Blog and Reference


To date, my all-time favorite bean has been the Guatemala "Blue Quetzal" Bourbon from Sweet Maria's.

Eddie, this is also my brothers all time favorite. Last month he told me he was down to 1/2 Lb. I had 2 Lbs left and gave him 1 Lb.

My favorite to date (only roasting for about 1 year) was the Kenya Lot 764 Ndaroini Nyeri from SM. Roasted to C+/FC, delicious coffee. This was in the first group of beans I ordered. When my 2 Lb bag was down to 1/2 Lb I tried to order more but, it was out of stock. I won't make that mistake again...

Kenya Lot 764
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