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Baby George Foreman Roaster
I purchased a george foreman rotisserie on CL for $40. I have since modified the roaster quite a bit. Just wanted to get some feed back and thoughts to possibly improve. I have only been roasting for a couple of months.
Kinder attached the following images:
img_1572.jpg img_1561.jpg img_1560.jpg
Also wanted to add that I have been roasting anywhere from 16 oz to 20 oz in 15:00 - 18:00 with a preheat of 400-450 Deg.
Wish I could buy such machine locally... phenomenal idea !

At first read, looking at first picture only, I thought you fit a real TO in one of the side walls, this would have been really striking Grin
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Actually... I found some on US eBay cheaper than you get yours... but the shipping cost to EU is a fortune, $100 :(

What is the basket size ?
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Yeah, I did not see that I had turbo oven selected for the topic on this thread even though I did build one of those as well for a back up roaster.
The drum is one I purchased on ebay for 15 bucks, its made for the Jr. GF so I had to modify it to fit the Baby GF. I think the size is 7" in diameter by 8.5" in length. I can double check though.
No worries, this machine is difficult to place in an existing category anyway, borrowing a bit of all others: hot gun, but no machine bread, nor dog bowl, a touch of behmor... truly frankenroaster :)
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
I have the opportunity to get one at a good price, $72 delivered from US to EU, please help me decide...

- what is the inner space available for the biggest drum can fit ?
- why isn't the internal heater appropriate for roasting and a hot gun mod is needed ?

Thank you !
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Len at CoffeeRoastersClub is a member here and here is a link to his George Foreman drum. Maybe you can get some ideas for your build.

I have heard that these units are 950W. I think if it was insulated better and had more power, it would make a nice roaster.

KKTO Roaster.
Yes, that is correct. The Baby GF is 950W but the Big GF is 1500W I beleive. Also they a Jr. model but not sure on the wattage. It takes way to long to roast with unmodified Baby GF. If your are willing to do a few mods you can convert it into a pretty solid roaster. Good luck!
Already on the (transatlantic) way to me :)

Please, can you measure inner space to figure what is the biggest drum I can fit ?
More exactly, if my existing 14x23 cm (5.5x9") would fit.

Thank you !
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
Yeah will do. If you ordered the Baby GF model I would stick with the size drum that I have because anything bigger would more than likely not fit. I will measure it up when I get home from work.
Also, you want a little space in between the drum and heating element.
Ok, the drum I have is 8-3/4" in length by 7" in diameter. I also measured the inside length from the face of the gear to the other wall and its about 10". So the drum you have should work. You will have to combine your drum with the rotisserie parts that come with the baby GF. Let me know If you have any trouble.
You can see what I got, is eBay item 152446326971.
The last picture shows what parts will come included, no round basket, but already having one, as I wrote.
Still two weeks wait :)
DIY: TurboOven, Popcorn
Moded: Dieckmann RoestMeister, Nesco
PID/ramp/soak controllers
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